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Thank you for your interest into purchasing  an Ambercroft Golden Retriever The demand for Golden Retriever puppies is very high at this time and I have received many inquiries about puppies ..breeders and availability. Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are less puppies available due to less litters being produced . I have only a few litters a year and my puppies are reserved now for only prior Ambercroft owners and their friends and recommendations…It is important to note that once a female is bred she will carry her pups for 63 days and I keep them for eight weeks Most litters are sold before they are born so wait times for reserved pups can be up to four months or more…  It is a long process and I do require that people visit as often as they can within the last five weeks before the puppy goes home …this allows me to get to know you and you to get to know the pups and the mom and feel comfortable with me as a breeder … Many breeders are overwhelmed by the exceptional high demand and may not respond to all inquiries and many have waiting lists. Please be patient with  me or with other breeders you may contact           I understand your frustration and I have a few options that you might consider in the meantime if you are looking for a puppy sooner.. ..contact a local Golden Retriever Club that may be able to give you Breeder Referrals. You can do an internet search on “Golden Retriever Clubs” near me.    The main ones for this area are the Golden Retriever Club of Canada GRCC.org  , or the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto   GRCGT.org for further information …MOST IMPORTANTLY , only purchase through a reputable breeder,  Ask questions like how long they have been breeding …and if they are members of a Golden Retriever Club and request heart, hips, elbows and eye clearance .DNA tests are now available for some hereditary diseases documentation on both sire and dam (parents of puppies). The DNA tests are new and some breeders may not have done them yet…but they are important even if only on one parent …You should be supplied with copies of those clearances when you get your puppy or when you visit your puppy once visitation starts …usually once pups are three weeks old…..   Please do not purchase from on line ads …or people who you don’t feel comfortable with or cannot supply you with information  on the parents..pedigrees…and clearances …you have to feel comfortable with your breeder …


Thank you for viewing my Golden Page of Ambercroft Goldens…I was introduced to my first Golden in 1968 owned by a doctor I worked for …she was so beautiful ..named Topaz. The doctor took me to the kennel he had purchased her from …Shadywell Kennels owned by Cliff McDonald.. from that point on I was hooked on the breed and in the fall of 1969 I purchased my first Golden .. Elizabeth who was ten months old…I showed her and joined the Golden Retriever Club of Canada ..now being a life member ..finished her Championship and soon to follow was my first litter born Mar 7th 1972
from that litter I kept back a male puppy and from Liz’s second litter I kept back a female who was winners female at the famed Westminster kennel Club 1976 ..Now it was as true then as it is now…My Goldens are a way of Life ….
I am a life member of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada
a life member of the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto
founding member of the Credit Valley Kennel and Obed. Club
life member of the Canadian Kennel Club with designated Master Breeder status